How to Register a Business/Startup in India

by Anujeet Shivam
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If you register a startup or a new business in India then some official procedures have to be followed by a startup or a company to register them in official Indian records. MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) has to make the registration process online a few years back, please find the details below on how to proceed with this process if you wish to register your business:

You don’t have to visit a corporate office, you can just sit at home and apply for registration. We’ll help you get your business a legal license. Registration includes some rules that must be followed and some registration such as Digital Signature Certificate(DSC), Director Identity Number(DIN) and e-form filing.

These are four major steps:

  • Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)
  • Acquiring Director Identification Number(DIN)
  • Filing an eForm or New user registration
  • Incorporate the company

To run your business without any legal problem, you need to register yourself. India is a land of opportunity, no matter where your business operates, there are very high chances of success, so it just needs a start. Starting a business in India would be a great success for you. Sincerely follow this post until you incorporate your company’s final claim. I assure you that after reading this blog, you will end up registering your business.

What do we mean by a company?

How to Register a Business/Startup in India - Startup Sutra

There are about 7 Lakh registered firms in India, and thousands of firms apply for registration every month. Company is a legal entity; a legal entity is formed and registered under the Companies Act 1956 as referred in Section 3 of the Companies Act. Each company is to be registered for the state by the company registrar under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This act maintains two types of firms called public and private firms. At the end of the company name, ‘ Limited ‘ is the most commonly used corporate form. First, you need to know what these public and private companies are, and you need to decide how to register your business.

When it comes to company registration, Every firm will have the following two options:

  1. Private company:
  2. Public company:

Click here for :- Different Types of Company Registrations in India

Formalities to be followed during a company’s incorporation:

  1. Obtain a TAN card
  2. Obtain a Permanent account number (PAN) from income tax department India
  3. If required: Documents obeying shop and establishment acts.
  4. If required: For foreign trade, Registration documents of import-export code from Director General of foreign trade.
  5. If required: Registration documents of Software Technologies Parks of India (STPI).
  6. If required: RBI approval for foreign companies investing in India and FIPB approval.
  7. Both Indian and foreign directors need to have valid Digital Signature Certificates from authorized agencies.

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