Online Selling: Benefits, Platforms and more

In an increasingly digital-age it’s very rare for those with a physical product or high street presence, to not take advantage of the many channels there are to sell online. Selling a product online allows you to reach a wider audience and new customer pockets, with 41% of the world’s global internet users purchasing products online. But if it’s an area you’ve never explored, it can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you started out with a local shop, but know that you could have a much wider audience. Or you already have an online presence but want to explore where else your product could be seen. Whether you’re self-taught, a novice or just curious, In this blog I’ll give you a comprehensive overview of where to sell your physical or digital product online and the many channels available to you. Take a look here if you are looking for other ways to make money online.

In India, The most popular way of Online selling is on Amazon and sites like that. You can also create your own ecommerce website from Shopify or Woocommerces and other sites like that but if you create your own website then It will take a hell lot of time to make your first sale and that’s why I recommend you to go for selling on established e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and more.

I’ve also started selling on Amazon and that’s why I’m recommending you to start with Amazon. First check out my story of How I came on Amazon then I tell you how you can start selling on Amazon.

I’ve started a business on Amazon when I was in my 8th standard. (Note:- As I was a minor that time (2015) so I’ve started on my father’s name.) I don’t have anything to sell on Amazon so I want to the mall near me and make a list of products which are on offer at that time. I also don’t have much money so I have to do all the things in a small amount which come from my savings. As I remember I have something around Rs. 2000 at that time. So, I want to mall and make a list of all product which is on offer that time then I searched all products on Amazon to understand the price difference. I found a few products which are very cheap in the Mall compared to Amazon. There are some Lunch Boxes, some Stuff Toys, and some more items. I bought some of them and invested all my saving on it. Then I listed it on Amazon. That time I don’t know anything about listings, UPC Codes, Product Ranking and so on. I learned all thing from Google and YouTube. And when I got my first order of a Stuff Toy, I was very happy. After all, that’s the first thing I’ve sold in my whole life. Now, it’s time to ship it. I use India Post for shipping all my orders at that time as I am from a small town of Bihar. Amazon Easy Ship services are not available there at that time. In that particular order, I’ve made a profit of Rs. 235 and I was very happy.
I continued all this for around 8–9 months and earned more than 50K and then I got a new business Idea of T-Shirt Printing. I searched everything about that online and I got some information about that. I found that I need something around 30K to invest in that business. And luckily I have 33K in my account that time which I’ve earned by selling products on Amazon. I talked to my parents and they said: “Do whatever you want to do, but make sure that not effect’s your academic results”. I agreed…
Then I started talking to Tshirt Printing machine suppliers/manufactures online. I ordered all thing online and they delivered all the things at my home. I started printing t-shirts and selling them on Amazon. I got an order of 30 T-Shirts in just two days. I was so happy.
And this is how I came on Amazon. I’ve earned more than a lac in just 12 months. Also, I’ve also gained a lot of experience doing this.

Anujeet Shivam

Now, it’s time for you to know how to start selling on Amazon. So, let’s get started.

What you need to sell on

GST Registration

The first and the mandatory thing which you need for start selling on is to take GST registration. Yes, GST is mandatory for all e-commerce sellers. As per the GST Law anyone who doing business and exporting their goods from one state to another he/she must have to obtain the GST Registration for his/her business. You can do your GST Registration for free from Government Website but I recommend you to contact your CA or if you haven’t connected with a CA then you can check out many sites which provides you GST registration and charge you some money like IndiaFilings,VakilSearchand many more. I recommend using IndiaFilings as I also used this site for my GST registration when I was new in the field of business. 

What to do after obtaining GST Registration?

After obtaining GST you need to create a seller account on You can easily register for a seller account on Amazon. If you having any problem with registration then feel free to contact me on my email I will happy to help you. Now when Amazon asks for Shipping Rates then I recommend you to collect shipping charges from your costumers. If you have any question that why you do not have to offer free shipping to your costumers then please let me know in the comment section so I will write an additional blog on it. So I hope you successfully created your Amazon seller account and now its time to add products to your catalogue

How to add products on Amazon?

Add Product on Amazon

See, if you have not any product to sell then I tell you a thing that I also haven’t any inventory or product to sell on Amazon when I started selling on Amazon. What I did is go to the market and find out some small and low price products and see that what the difference in price from the online market. If I think that I can sell this product on Amazon and make some profit then I note that products name and price on my phone. After that, when I came back to home and I download some pictures of that product from Google and grab some information about that product online and then I list that product on Amazon and whenever I got an order, I go to the market and purchase that product and ship to the customer. I know this is a tough task but believe me it a very good option for those who haven’t enough money to create an inventory.  I also use this method and generate something about 25,000/- INR profit in first two months. And also in this option, there is no any risk of dead inventory because you have not any inventory. Hope you will understand what I say and if you have any doubt then please comment it below. 

That’s it for this blog. Tell me how much you will understand from this blog and if you have any issue then please comment down or email me on, tell me what if  I create a full tutorial video on this particular topic. I am waiting for your advice. 😁😊👍👊

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